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Transformative Spaces Part 2: Analyzing Your Culture (Opening September 1 2024)

Transformative Spaces Part 2: Analyzing Your Culture (Opening September 1 2024)

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Analyze Your Culture: Deepening Understanding and Connection

Dive deep into the rich tapestry of cultural diversity with our transformative course, "Analyze Your Culture." This course will guide you through an in-depth exploration of surface, shallow, and deep cultural elements, helping you to understand both your own cultural identity and that of your students. Through interactive activities and reflective exercises, you will learn to appreciate and integrate cultural diversity into your teaching practices, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Join us to enrich your cultural understanding and create a classroom where every student feels respected and valued!

Why I Am Qualified to Teach This Course

Extensive Educational Background: I hold a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master of Arts in Education Teaching, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.
Professional Experience:  I have extensive experience in educational leadership and curriculum development.
Cultural Expertise: Being a member of the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada, I bring a deep understanding of indigenous perspectives and experiences.
Metaphysical Knowledge: I possess a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics, am a certified minister of metaphysics, and hold Reiki I and II certifications.
Commitment to Social Justice: My work and personal mission focus on advancing equity, inclusivity, and holistic well-being within communities.

Why You Need This Course

Self-Awareness: Understand the core of your cultural identity and how it influences your teaching and interactions with students.
Cultural Competence: Learn to identify and respect the surface, shallow, and deep cultural elements of your students' backgrounds.
Empathy Building: Engage with exercises that highlight the importance of cultural understanding in fostering a supportive classroom environment.
Actionable Strategies: Gain practical skills for integrating cultural insights into your teaching practices.
Federal and State Compliance: This course aids compliance with federal discrimination laws and the California Education Code on discrimination, ensuring your teaching practices meet legal standards and promote equity.
Community Impact: Equip yourself to create a culturally responsive classroom that supports the diverse needs of all students.

Enroll now to start your journey toward a more culturally inclusive and responsive teaching practice!

What's Included?

🪶Over 80 minutes of video instruction
🪶All direct instruction videos are 10 minutes or less for micro-learning, scheduling, and attention.
🪶1 workbook that covers all 5 parts of Transformative Spaces
🪶Practical application of cultural diversity concepts
🪶Completion Certificate
🪶Lifetime Access



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