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Throat Chakra Roller

Throat Chakra Roller

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The Throat Chakra Roller was inspired by my need to be a more effective communicator. I want to take care of my strong voice. The Throat Chakra roller is an original blend of german chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, pumpkin seed oil, and almond oil. It comes in a 10 ML amber roller bottle. 

The best time to use the Throat Chakra Roller is:

  • when you feel your voice is stifled 
  • prayer request 
  • before social gatherings
  • before speaking engagements
  • before leadership roles and commitments 
  • before family meetings and gatherings
  • before meetings for pleasure or business
  • before a sit down talk
  • before singing
  • after speaking, singing, or talking engagements to restore and heal

Disclaimer: Essential oil blends and all healing products by RavenRabbit are not replacements for medical or mental services. Please continue to seek your health journey. Please use common sense practices when purchasing, applying, or using essential oil blends. Read the ingredient list. 



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