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Throat Chakra Healing Kit

Throat Chakra Healing Kit

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 The Throat Chakra healing kit is curated to open up and balance your throat chakra, the key to all communication. The way we communicate creates the world we live in. How we talk to ourselves and how we talk to others matters. Our affirmations communicate through our throat chakra and 

What's Included?

  • Turquoise Chip- Turquoise can help protect from outside influences. It can help you realize what makes you happy and unhappy. Display turquoise where you mediate or when you are praying. It is a sacred stone. 
  • Throat Roller- Essential Oil roller with 
  • Feather wrapped in leather- feathers are viewed as a very sacred item for Native American Tribes. While authentic eagle feathers are reserved only for Native Americans, these replica feathers are a great substitute. 

The goal of all my healing kits is to bring you happiness. Life is hard and the throat chakra healing kit is a reminder to stop for a moment and care for your needs. Practice setting intentions for your day with the aide of this healing kit. 

Disclaimer: Healing kits and all healing products by RavenRabbit are not replacements for medical or mental services. Please continue to seek your health journey. 



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