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Heart Chakra Healing Kit

Heart Chakra Healing Kit

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The Heart Chakra Healing Kit is curated to help you find alignment and balance in your heart chakra. The healing kit has an emphasis on compassion and will open your heart to be compassionate to others or yourself. 

What's Included?

  • Crystal Infused Heart Chakra Opener Mist- This essential oil mist can be sprayed in the area around you and you can instantly feel its calming effects. Made with rose, lavender, and geranium, this mist will fill your senses with ease, peace, and happiness. 
  • Rose Quartz Heart Stone- Display this beautiful stone in your home or take it with you on the go. This stone is known is known for it love vibrations, romantic, family, or love of self, this stone will be welcoming. 
  • Green Stone- This beautiful stone I found on my travels to Quartzside, AZ at a rock convention. It is mined by a beautiful family on their property. 
  • Selenite Stick- Selenite is the most common stone used for cleansing. I like to ship my products with selenite to try and protect my products and stones vibrations and healing properties. Use this stick to clear all 7 of your chakras and the important rooms in your home. 

The goal of all my healing kits is to bring you happiness. Life is hard and the heart chakra healing kit is a reminder to stop for a moment and care for your needs. Practice setting intentions for your day with the aide of this healing kit. 

Disclaimer: Healing kits and all healing products by RavenRabbit are not replacements for medical or mental services. Please continue to seek your health journey. 



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