Collection: Psychometric Essential Oil Blends

What is a psychometric essential oil blend?

            A psychometric essential oil blend is a psychometric reading on a physical item owned by the client. That reading then reveals what essential oils are needed for a custom blend. Clients can choose from a roller bottle essential oil blend, which is topical, a spray mist bottle that is topical and inhaled, or a straight essential oil blend to be put in the diffuser which is not topical.


What is a psychometric reading?

            A psychometric reading is one in which physical item is used to pick up on past, present or future messages. All things hold a vibrational level and the things that pass through our hands can pick up energies. Writing a letter is a therapeutic way to let go and reflect on experiences in our lives. The letter you hand write will pick up your energies. I will be able to read those energies once the letter is in my possession.


What do I need to do as the client?

  1. Get in touch with your authentic self. Try meditating, yoga, or just make some quiet me time.
  2. Hold your paper and writing tool to your forehead to connect your vibration to the physical paper. You must hand write your letter for the best results.
  3. Write a short response to the following:
    1. What is a positive in your life?
    2. What is a negative in your life?
    3. What is your current goal?
  4. Letters are limited to one page.
  5. Write or print your order number. This can be found in your order confirmation email.
  6. Sign with your name that matches the order confirmation.


What will Jackie do?

  1. I will smudge the handwritten letter you send to me to clear it of any energies it could have picked up through the mailing system.
  2. I will hold the envelope sealed and do a psychometric reading.
  3. I will take notes on that reading, one that I will translate into a personalized return letter. The notes will include what essential oils come through to me on your psychometric reading.
  4. I will then read your letter pinpoint the most important theme I pick up on. This could help me fit in supportive essential oils for your custom blend.


Even if you’re not in touch with what you may need emotionally or spiritually your letter will still hold a vibrational frequency that I will be able to read. The wholesaler RavenRabbit utilizes uses sustainable farming, is cruelty free and uses quality ingredients. 

NOTE: Please disclose any known allergies to Jackie either via email, or in your letter. RavenRabbit is not responsible for undisclosed allergies. Jackie uses a variety of essential oils and carrier oils including but not limited to olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, and the like. If you know you have an allergy to any plants please disclose this information.