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Third Eye Chakra Healing Kit

Third Eye Chakra Healing Kit

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The Third Eye Chakra healing kit focuses on your intuition. Making sure the Third Eye chakra is cleansed, balanced and opened can make a world of difference when walking through every day life and making major life decisions. Knowing what to do for yourself and others is guided by intuition. This kit aims to help you connect with your intuition.  

What's Included?

  • Amethyst- use this powerful gemstone to help you up your concentration, have constructive thinking and acting, and help you find inner peace. 
  • Selenite Tower- Cleanse your space and your third eye with this beautiful tower selenite. Selenite is known to help you clear your mind and help you have unaltered perceptions. 
  • Small Abalone Shell- known to bring about calmness and enhance intuition. Display your shell where you mediate or hold it to your third eye by your forehead. 

The goal of all my healing kits is to bring you happiness. Life is hard and the third eye chakra healing kit is a reminder to stop for a moment and care for your needs. Practice setting intentions for your day with the aide of this healing kit. 

Disclaimer: Healing kits and all healing products by RavenRabbit are not replacements for medical or mental services. Please continue to seek your health journey. 



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