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Beginners Cleansing Kit

Beginners Cleansing Kit

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Get your spirituality started off with a simple cleansing kit. Use the sage to cleanse your home and other personal spaces you use, such as a private gym, yoga studio, or outdoor patio/deck. 

What's Included?

  • Handmade Prayer Bag- hand sewn by the Native Woman owner, this prayer bag can be a starter bag or be used to house some of your already existing prayer items. 
  • White Scallop Shell- has a spiritual history in many cultures. It can symbolize the spiritual journey itself. 
  • Sage- White sage is not to be sold or profited off of in Native American culture. The cost of the sage is covered by RavenRabbit and is included as a free gift in this bundle. You are only paying for the hand sewn bag and the shell. 



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