Why Essential Oils? 5 Benefits I've Experienced From Aromatherapy

Why Essential Oils? 5 Benefits I've Experienced From Aromatherapy

In my early 20's I began to research essential oils and their benefits. I don't quite know where the idea came from or why I started to research it. I didn't have a friend who exposed me or anything like that. Now that I am older and am accepting of my ancestral knowledge, I believe my quest started because of a nudge from my spirit guides and ancestors. Plant medicine is something that was always used by the Washoe people. It custom tradition, Washoe women where the first person you saw when you had an ailment of any kind and were known as the caretakers. 

As I learn more about my Washoe history, I see that many of the things I do or think are not as crazy as I initially thought. Many of my ideas and actions align with ancestral ways. It's beautiful how the ancestors lay down the path before you. 

After doing all my research in my early 20's I finally found a brand of essential oils that was in my price point and came with many of the oils I was interested in. I bought my first starter pack and my life was changed. I also began to read The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aroma Therapy. This book is my guide to understanding each oil and its properties. I highly recommend this book for starters. 

As I integrated essential oils into my daily life, I have seen 5 benefits that have improved my life and well being.

1. My Mood Improved

Throughout my younger years and early adulthood, I had many ups and downs in my mood. Essential oils have really helped me hone in my emotions and have helped me better process what I am feeling. I often use the diffuser to shift the atmosphere in the room and to improve my mood.

2. My Understanding of Plant Life Enhanced

As time has gone on with my use of essential oils, I have seen the huge benefit plant life brings us. I have a deeper understanding of the circle of life and how we are all deeply interconnected. As I learned more about my Washoe history, I learned that women were plant experts and knew each plant and its benefits in our traditional lands. I aspire to understand plants at this level.

3. My Sleep Improved

I have always been a good sleeper, but I have always had a lot of dreams. Sometimes these dreams would have me waking up in the morning feeling foggy. In Washoe tradition, people who are dreamers are powerful spiritual people. While I consider myself a powerful dreamer, my dreams have cleaned up and my dreams are more productive. I typically use a lavender mist every night before bed. Lavender is relaxing and a protector.

4. My Spiritual Realm Began to Clear

Using essential oils began the long process of riding unwanted entities and unseen things. I believe before leaning into plant life and essential oils, my life was filled with various spirits entering and leaving as they wished. Now with the constant use of the diffuser, rollers, and mist, my home, mind, body, and spirit have been cleansed. The process of cleansing was painful, but very necessary for me to live a happy and full life. 

5. I Always Have Something New to Learn

With essential oils, the information is limitless. There is always something to read, watch, or learn with essential oils. As a lifelong learner, I appreciate the depth that essential oils presents. It's a humbling experience to acknowledge that there is always something to learn. 

If you have been considering starting your essential oil journey I highly encourage you to follow that path, if you are well on your journey I encourage to keep learning and experiencing different blends. Check out my essential oil blends to either start or grow your collection. 

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