5 Benefits to Essential Oil Diffusing

5 Benefits to Essential Oil Diffusing

Ever since I ordered my diffuser many years ago, I have been yielding the many benefits of my essential oil collection. I ordered this diffuser back when I started using essential oils and it has held up so well! I now use it in my Wellness Studio and get so many compliments to the aroma in my space. Click the image to purchase your own (Affiliate link)

Continue to read to learn about the 5 benefits of diffusing.ย 


1. Improving Mood

When I start running my diffuser, my mood shifts from whatever I am feeling and helps me get present. I have seen it shift the moods of my family members as well.ย 

2. Better Respiratoryย 

I live in the country and many allergens can be around, especially when it is windy. The diffuser has helped regulate these allergens and improve my respiratory.ย 

3. Setting the Mood

Depending on the type of mood you want to set, you can use the diffuser to accomplish the vibe you want. From relaxing to romantic, you can set the mood you want and the essential oils you use can support you.ย 

4. Promoting Sleep

There are times when my mind is racing and falling asleep can be hard. Depending on the oils I use, I can promote falling asleep and staying asleep with the aide of the diffuser in my room.ย 

5. Supports You Through Life Changes

Life can be hard. Using essential oils in a diffuser can help you through many life changes. Different oils have different benefits, depending on what you diffuse, you will glean its benefits.ย 

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